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WW2 Fabrications

SAS European


 Payment instalments accepted of upto four equal monthly payments, 1st payment reserves.... final payment dispatches, sale/special offer items are not included please enquire for more details.

SAS European Armoured Grill

Sas Eurpopean Armoured Grill, all steel construction comes painted in red oxide see pics, £180.00 plus P+P.

Willys/GPW Jeep Armoured Windscreen

Used by the SAS in the European theatre in 1944 a complete armoured windscreen for the driver and gunner. Comes with the gunners shield twin mount for the Vickers K, that elevates and rotates and the basket in front of the driver to hold various equipment. The drivers windscreen can be released to flip horizontally. The screens come fitted with perspex, the windscreen is a full steel construction and comes ready to fit with all nuts and bolts. £795.00 plus shipping.

Sas Europeon Rear Armoured panel

 Rear Armoured Panels for the ETO Europeon Theatre Jeep, to protect the rear fuel tanks, driver and gunner, from enemy fire from behind. Top panel £100.00, lower panel £90.00. plus P+P.

Top Panel pictured below.

Sas Europeon Bustle Basket

 Bustle basket for the ETO Europeon Theatre Jeep, copied from original item. This is the british version which was used by the SAS for carrying extra stores and supplies when behind enemy lines. £250.00 plus P+P.

Bren Gun Drivers Wing mount

Bren Gun drivers wing mount for the european theatre SAS Jeeps. comes with all nuts and bolts ready to fit. £145.00 (plus P+P)

Jeep Armoured rear panel mount

Rear panel mount for the European theatre armoured Jeep, mounts a single Vickers K VGO. comes ready to fit. Also available as a twin mount. the single mount is £130.00, plus P+P. The twin mount is £145.00. plus P+P.

Enfield Rifle Spring Steel Clips

  Enfield Rifle spring steel clips for securing the enfield rifle and bren gun on the WW2 Jeep and other vehicles. Come fitted on a flat or angled bracket, ready for mounting, please state which you prefer when ordering.

Hood/Bonnet Spare Wheel Support

  Hood / Bonnet Spare wheel support to enable you to mount the spare wheel in an alternate position, as seen in wartime pictures of SAS Jeeps, £40.00 plus P+P. 

Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long range fuel tanks for the SAS ETO Jeep, they sit behind the driver and passenger on top of the rear wheel housings, the tank behind the driver is slightly smaller in length to enable the seat to be re-positioned, these are replica tanks copied from originals, £360.00 a set. Plus P+P.

Carrier for 2 gallon petrol cans

  Carrier that takes two standard issue 2 gallon cans, used for petrol or water, the frame sits between the two front seats of the Airborne and SAS Jeeps, they were also used on the Daimler Dingo and the humber armoured cars, as seen fitted to many British war time vehicles. £27.00 (plus P+P). (can not included)

Jeep Anti Theft Device

Jeep Anti theft device made of heavy duty box section, quick to install, fits across the front or rear wheels, ideal for when your leaving your Jeep in show areas and easy to store in 2 sections,padlock NOT included. £80.00 Plus P+P

Twin Vickers K vgo tube cowl mount (scaffold mount)

  Twin Vickers K vgo tube cowl mount (scaffold type) all steel replica comes painted in red oxide complete with all fixings £350.00 plus P+P